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Currently in production, "For Which WE Stand" is a feature-length LGBT music documentary film executive produced by Jim Garrard and Diedra Meredith, of DonnaJean Media Group LLC. for the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA). The film is directed by award wininng Director Sean Robinson and produced by Paul Warner.


The film will spotlight the rise of queer music culture & entertainment and it's influence in mainstream culture. The director has gone back as far as the1930s to document gay and lesbian recording artists and entertainers who dared to BE during a time when it was not legal to openly express your sexual identity or orientation.


On the night of the OUTmusic Awards in 2015, the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) will celebrate its 25 years of LGBTQ music culture & heritage. The film will capture the culmination of a 25 year journey to a dream long deferred for LGBT recording artists and entertainers. The Academy has been strivng to build an entertainment plaform to ensure that LGBT music culture and heritage will be included and equivalently celebrated among mainstream music and entertainment awards.


The production of the OUTmusic Awards is unique, because it is not funded like mainstream award shows. This alliance of LGBT and straight creative industry professionals have acheived what many said could never be done. More and more the presence of LGBT creative industry professionals is growing stronger, as more people have come out in ther professional carreers.


The film will go behid the scenes of the OUTmusic Awards to capture the passion and heart of this against all odds team of creative industry professionals who have dedicated themselves to bringing this dream to fruition. Robinson will capture their struggle to make this production a success capturing them in action with the building out of the set, lighting and sound design, the rehearsals and the live performances! Interviews with LGBT entertainment pioneers, recording artists, activist, music industry luminaries and influential creative industry professionals will be the thread to link the past to the present.

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